Well, Hello!

I know, Long Time No See.  Stop nagging me about it already.

I have some treats for you to make up for it.  Promise. 

First-  started a new blog.  Yeah, because I'm SO successful at keeping this one up. 

I'm on a new adventure!  I have really been focusing on my health over the last few months, culminating to me going Paleo.  Which means eating the PaleoDiet the way our pre-agricultural ancestors did.  I could go on about it, but I'm not going to.  You can read about it on my other blog:

Or, you can watch this tasty little video I made:

Per many requests, I'm going to repost, one at a time, my little e-mails I sent back when I went to Peru in 2005.  Many found them tasty.  Others haven't read them, but want to.  So I'm opening the vault once again, and sharing Adventures From The Past.

Follow along with me, will you?

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