Well, I found out "loverboy's" name, and it´s Gerald.  He is not on my list of favorite people, however.

After my e-mail, I had given it some thought, and knew that I needed to calm things down with him, as I was getting a bit uncomfortable and overwhelmed.  So, at 2 o´clock, when I met up with him, I told him that we needed to talk.  I told him this was all too overwhelming, and that we needed to be just friends.

I don't think he got the message, however, because the rest of the day, every two minutes, he wanted to hold me and kiss me.  I pulled away quite a bit, though was greatful to have his help during the shopping
expedition, as he bargained much better than I could've done.

Later, he wanted to go back to my room, but I insisted we go for a walk and get something to eat.  Once at the resteraunt, when I didn't want to sit and cuddle with him, he pouted, and we sat in silence until the food came.  Fabulous.

After dinner, we walked around a bit, and then went to a local dance club.  I had a great time dancing with him, he really is a great dancer.  We salsa'd, turning and twisting, and thought that this was probably the
best time I'd spent with him.  I did notice that he was trying to get me drunk, though it was only on weak beer, and I wasn't too worried about it.

Afterwards, we returned to my room to talk, but rather ended up arguing.  He kept trying to pus things with me, and I made it clear that I just wanted to talk and hang out.  He proceeded to storm out, stopped at the door to tell me to have a good flight.  I told him I thought it was quite interesting, how he professed his love for me, yet didn't want to be with me if it just meant talking.

And on the argument went, about how much I had changed, and how I was much different than he had thought, and how he was going to forget me.  I told him I was the same person, but how could he expect to know someone so quick, and to rememer that next time before he gave his heart away the first day! He told me he would always stay away from American girls because we are crazy.

Like I care if he is with an American or not?  He kept repeating it, and I finally told him he was obviously just saying it to try to hurt me, and I really didn't care.

Anyway, many words were exchanged, and finally he calmed down and wanted to spend some time with me.  I was a bit wary, because he had reacted so strongly, and then all of a sudden, was peachy?  I knew I was ready to leave the next day.

He then became very interested in exploring through my books and tapes  He listened to my music, and, as I was quite tired, finally left.  I walked him to the door of my hotel, but he then realized he forgot
something, and went back to my room.  I let him go, then the thought flashed that maybe he would steal something, and I should go with him (duh).

He came out of my room before I got there, and was in and out quickly.  I walked him to the door, kissed him goodbye, and promised him I would wait for him the next morning, so he could go to the airport with me.

I returned to my room, and immediately checked where I had put my money.  Sure enough, it was gone.  I looked around for it, but knew in my gut that he had taken it, and sure enough, I never found it, and he never showed up the next morning.

I slept poorly, and was so nervous that I threw up, though it might have also been because of the first dose of my malarial medicine.  I should have blown the guy off as sson as I realized he was nutso.  I guess I
was just too bored and lonely, because normally I am not so stupid.  I comforted myself with the thought that $50 wasn't so bad to lose, and at least I still had all my credit cards.

Still, I just felt so used by the whole thing.

And so, happily, I left Cusco behind.


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