So, I have been off the radar screen for awhile, and many of you hope that it is because I have been living it up, and haven't had time to write.  Sorry to say, this is not the case.  I've gotten sick twice this week, from the food/water, and have been spending the majority of the time in my room, watching english movies on HBO, and Cinemax, and the like.  Right now, I'm really trying to get better, but am a bit weak, since I haven't eaten for 2 days.

But!  I did get one chance to go out, with Jessica, the girl from Germany, and another girl from Switzerland.  Each time we searched around for a bar to visit, we were surrounded by people trying to give
us their little advertisement cards for their bars, which also come with a free drink (usually).  It was a bit overwhelming, at one point, I think we had about 10 to 15 people around us, trying to get us to come to
their bar. Finally, we just ducked into the nearest one, to have some peace.  We did enjoy the fact that we didn't have to pay for anything that night, as we had plenty of free drink cards.  We danced quite a
bit, but discovered that all the bars seem to have the same soundtrack.

Anyhow, in about a half an hour, I have a date with a guy I ran into this night, which I had met the first week I had gone out, and happened to run into him again on the street.  We'll see.  I just figured it would be good for me to get out and do something.

Oh, and other news!  I will be coming home a week early, thought about it a lot, and I don't really want to be in Lima, and am not looking forward to another week alone, so thought I'd save the money that I would spend on hotel and food and the like, and use it for a short trip to San Francisco later on in the month!

Hope you all are well!


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