Occasionally I think about this blog.  Yes, dear reader, only occasionally.  Anyway, as I think about this blog, I think of how I've neglected it.  That I should right SOMEthing here.  But this blog never really collected around much of a theme.  Except a sense of self-fascination.

I really would like this to be a place where I can just be whatever, whomever, and throw it all up in your faces.  I totally understand that this is not a blog that someone would follow.  Except, perhaps, my dear friend Johnny who awaits every word that drips from my lips.  (And nod to you, Johnny, your recent blog posting frenzy inspired me to type again).

So I suppose the value of this blog is really to me, a way for me to empty out the muck in my head.  And, if there are any voyeurs out there, they can take a peak.

So, there you have it, I suppose.  Perhaps I will immediately write another post dribbling out more words.

And perhaps not.

11/06/2010 23:09

My mom thought this was a picture of a drowned cat.

11/10/2010 18:57

Yes. I could see that. Perhaps that should inspire my next post.

Luckily, Luke is still alive. He survived the water, which he loved to play in.

Figure THAT out.


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