Thursday morning I woke up, and my heart still hurt,
and I had only gotten 3 hours of sleep, and knew I
wasn´t going to make it down to my classes that day. 
So, I went down and asked Sonja if it was okay if I
stayed home.  So she called the school, and I had
another day where I just slept all day.  One by one,
each of the three women I lived with came to visit. 
They gave me more of the Agua de Alhazar, a new
bottle, and this one said "Seditivo" on it, so I
pretty much figured out what that was for.  They also
took a plant that grows up at Sacsayhuaman, and
touched it over my forehead, shoulders and so on, a
native remedy.  And, also, rubbed what I think was
rubbing alcohol on my face and neck area.  

I felt so bad, here I had them worrying like crazy
yesterday because I was late, and now I had them
worrying because I was sick, and I´ve also had them
worrying because I haven´t been able to eat much!

So, that whole day was basically just spent sleeping
and reading.  I felt lazy, but I knew I needed it for
my health.

More and more and more....


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