Okay, I'm going to throw up another one!  This little hairball is only slightly disturbing.  You may even enjoy it.  Who knows?  Stranger things have happened.

This is from Way Back When.  I took a creative writing class when I was wandering around lost, after being booted from acting.  This little ditty is all the way from 1997.  12 years ago, when I was a mere fawn of 21.

This, my dear reader, is merely a freewrite.  No editing has been put into it.  Truly, no thought has been put into it.  Which will soon become apparent.

It starts off with a given prompt:  "The bus driver became <blank> when he saw his bus leave without him".  3 words were given to insert into the blank.  What follows is the result...

The bus driver became stabilized when he saw his bus leave without him - driven by an eight year old.

It was going to be alright now.

A smile of relief spilled on George's face as he watched the bouncing "Do Not Pass When Red Lights Flash" sign floating away from him.  The sounds of the children's laughter grew faint.  George parked himself on a nearby rock, consoling himself with little Billy driving his bus load of friends into some dark ravine.  This made George laugh.

Pulling out his pack of Virginia Slims, he began plotting his next move.  The flowered cigarette between his thick fingers made him feel dainty.  He looked off through the smokey haze that encircled him, to the mountains.  There he would make a new home; there he would begin his life again.

Times had been hard.  He ha applied for every job possible- busser, receptionist, even at McDonalds.  But no one wanted poor 43 year-old George. 

Until he applied for the school  district.

He was a perfect candidate for the job!, they had said.  Benefits and everything.

As George recalled his first day on the job, he prayed that Billy did not know how to drive that goddamned bus. 

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