Well, it was nice talking to you today!!!  I do miss home a lot, and it is always nice to go back there, in a way, at least for a few minutes.  It is like that when I check my e-mail, too.  A little sad after, but, life goes on! 

After I talked with you, I went up to the restaraunt that I usually eat at, with the woman who is 23 with a daughter (and the father took off just after the baby was born).  It is nice to have a friend that I can sit and visit with, even if I don't understand most of what she says!  I got her address, and thought I'd send some little gifts for the daughter, since I
noticed that she was playing with broken dolls.  I imagine for a single mother here it is impossible to buy everything you would like for your daughter.  But Edith (the woman's name) is determined to work hard (7 days a week, from 9 in the morning until 11 at night) for her daughter, and if I understood correctly, it is for 10 soles a day = $3.  Apparently, when her daughter (Jasmine) was a baby, an American woman offered her $5000 for her baby, quite a bit of money here!  But Edith turned her down, because, it was her daughter, after all.

Anyway, every day I am amazed at the tenacity of the people here, and hope one day the damn government will get its act together, and actually help the people.  There is no such thing as welfare, or free school, or anything like that.  I have actually had conversations debating who is worse, Bush or Toledo (the president here, who said he was going to help the poor, and then actually made things worse for them).  People are pretty split on that issue!  Well, get Bush in for another term, and who knows what will happen.

Well, I guess I should get to my other e-mail.

Love you!


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