Oh goodness.  I certainly have myself in a pickle now. That whole date thing has gotten a little out of hand.

I met this guy (who I still can't remember his name, and am now too embarrassed to ask, oops), the first time I went out in Cusco, the first week, when I was hanging out with Cassandre (the girl from Canada) and a bunch of people from Germany.  He came up and asked one of the girls to dance, and she pointed him my way. I danced one dance with him, and then excused myself.

Well, apparently I made quite an impression, because he told me ever since, he had been looking for me in the Plaza de Armas.  He works for one of the clubs, passing out the little fliers.  I ran into him again
earlier this week, when I went out with Jessica and the other girl from Switzerland, and then ran into him the next day, when he asked me out on an afternoon date, to the museum and the zoo.  That was on Friday.

Since that date, he has wanted to spend almost every moment with me, and constantly tells me how beautiful I am, and calls me his love, and constantly wants to be holding my hand or kissing me, or whatnot.  Now, that is all very flattering.  I thought at first that he was just being a little over-exagerating, you never know with these foreign men.  But I realized yesterday, that he quite believes that he is in love with me.

But not only that!  He wants to marry me, and has already planned out how many children we are going to have, and how much time I am going to spend here before we get married, and then move to the US, where he will be a Civil Engineer.

Oh boy.  When I told him that 2 days was a little to early for me to decide whether or not I was going to marry someone, he seemed a bit upset.  And later, when I called an early end to the evening, he told me he loved me, and asked me if I loved him.  Um, its been 2 days??  When I told him that that was a little bit too early for me, that it takes time to grow into something, he seemed really quite hurt.

Oh goodness.  He even wanted to meet up with me at 9 this morning, and I pushed it back to 2.  And I am really appreciating my time alone.  He's a nice guy, and attractive, but...  This is just a bit too much for me.  He doesn't even know me!  I think he has some image that he has created in his head, some story, and is bent on pushing me into that role.

So, today I think I'm going to have to draw the line with this guy.  Thank goodness I'm leaving Cusco tomorrow! 

ai ai ai!


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