Prompt: Community. Where have you discovered community, online or otherwise, in 2010? What community would you like to join, create or more deeply connect with in 2011?

Community!  And we're not just talking about the TV show here.  Well, finally, an answer I can give that does not involve what I've already been writing about.  Success.  And as lazy as I am, I'm going to use the same answer for both parts of the question, so THERE!

As you may recall, I've gone Paleo this year.  Paleo being a way of eating, for the most part, though does extend into other parts of one's life.  Essentially, the idea is that we should eat similarly to the way we evolved to eat, and that the medical issues western people face to day is due to our diet.  Specifically our grain based diet.  So, to eat Paleo means to eat meat, fruits, vegetables, and nuts.  Some through in dairy (at this point I do), and there are a lot of finer points that are quibbled over, which I will not go into here, as that is not what this is about.

What this is about is Community.  Now that the explanatory statement has been laid down, I can talk about the community that I'm grateful for, and that is the Paleo community, but more specifically, my local group.  When I first was interested in Paleo, back in about 2000 or so, their was a big void out there, with a slim pickings of sites.  But now, there is an explosion of blogs and other sources of information where we can support each other.  And I am so grateful for all that info that is out there.

But more so, I'm grateful for the group that got started here in Seattle this year.  We get together every month or so, and eat.  EAT!  And it is fantastic.  Because we all "get it".  And we don't have to ask what is in each little thing.  We know that everything is safe to eat, and we won't have to worry about passing on the corn chips.  And we have some fantastic cooks & bakers, and get to try the most delicious things.

But more so, it is so great to come together as a community over food.  There is something about food that really unites people, you can see that this is why all the festivals, celebrations, and holidays focus on food.  Because it is a wonderful way to come together.

And I'm pretty lucky, because I actually like everyone in the group.  They are all good people.  How great is that?  And they're fun, and come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.  So it is nice not only to eat with them, but to hang with them and talk with them.  So, good times for all!  And it doesn't hurt that Paleo tends to draw attractive young men.  ;)

Moving on!  This is also the community that I'd like to more deeply connect with in the year ahead.  And I'd love to see us even do some public events, so we can share our knowledge and delicious food with others out there who may be struggling with their health that can find a way to thrive.  There is also a national event that is going to happen this year, the Ancestral Health Symposium, and I GOTS to get myself there!  It is going to be the Who's Who of the Paleo world. 

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