Prompt: Make. What was the last thing you made? What materials did you use? Is there something you want to make, but you need to clear some time for it?

I am tempted to be foofy on my answer, to say "I made time" or "I made space", but I think I'm going to tackle this one literally, because I think I've been foofy enough.

A ha!  The last thing I made!  I kept searching for a craft in my head, but realize the last thing I made was electronic.  The last thing I made was a budget spreadsheet for my dear friends Hannah and Eric, who would like a little more deliberateness in their lives.

I'm CRAZY anal retentive about my finances.  Because I LOVE it.  Not that you would know it from the amount of debt I carry around.  But, ah well, so be it.

So, a while back, I created a spreadsheet that maps out month by month your debt, that looks at how much you pay each month and what the balance would be.  And the beauty is that I set up a calculation that will factor in the interest on the debt.  So, I can look at my credit card debt and see that if I pay $30 a month, I will still owe x amount after 3 years, or that I will have it paid off in a year and a half.  It is a fun way for me to play with money.  I also have a line for my savings account as well.  I move money around, and say, but what if I put that extra $100 here, what would happen....  And then I start thinking about the day that I gray out that line, and don't worry about that debt no more.

So.  That is what I made.  And I hope it brings success and prosperity to my dear friends.

Now.  Looking ahead.  You know what I want to make?  What I want to make, but need time and resources?  What is burning away at my little fingertips to do?

I want to make mosaics.  I've always loved mosaics, and even have a coffee and end table that my father threatens to throw out the window every time I move because it is too heavy.  But I love 'em. 

After my trip through southern Europe this year, I became even more inspired.  It was so amazing to see the beautiful mosaics that they made in Greece and Italy, and the more contemporary style that Gaudi used in Barcelona.  DEE-LISH-US. 

So.  That's what I want to do.

so there.

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