So, yet another day passes in Peru.  I went to the cafe where I'm now a regular, the waitress remembered my name, and asked me where I had been since my last visit.  I felt like a traitor for having spent two
days in another cafe!  It is quite interesting, being alone in the resteraunts, they always ask my name, and where I'm from, and how long I'm staying.  It is quite surprising, you would think they would be tired of all the tourists!  But I suppose a young single woman who
speaks in Spanish is a rarity.

I've learned more interesting tidbits about Cusco.  This morning my family talked with me about the tunnels that are underneath Cusco.  I had read a little bit about them, but didn't realize they were so
complex, and went all the way to Macchu Pichu!  They were created by the Incans, and were used to hide the gold when the Spanish were attacking.  Apparently, they are quite dangerous, people go in there, and never return.  There are many tunnels, and it is easy for one to lose one's way.  And also there are lots of poisonous spiders and gasses (apparently from the gold), so that adventurers could die before they found their way out.

I can just imagine, someday in the future, when Cusco is wealthy again (which I believe will happen), that they will reopen these tunnels, making them safe for tours.  How amazing would that be!

Also, my professor, Gary, told me that in Manu, the rainforest close to Cusco (on the other side of the Andes), there is a bit of slavery.  People (specifically Peruvians), get lured over there to work for money, but then it turns out that nope, you just get to work for free.  Apparently, there isn't any police over there, so who can stop things?

Those are my thoughts for now!


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