(Another e-mail from my time in Peru)
Some other things have come into my head about Peru, which I think are interesting, which I shall share.

Where are the Americans???  I swear, everywhere I go, Germans Germans Germans.  Today, at a cafe, at both other tables were Germans.  It was interesting, because they had to order in English, since they didn´t know Spanish.

Oh, and coffee.  It is interesting, in Peru they take the essence of the coffee in a liquid form, and then add hot water to it.  It is quite good.  And Dad, you´ll be happy to know that you can get an Americano
here too, they have cafés with all our favorite coffee drink.  One size fits all, though.

The thing that I have the most problem with, though, is the bathroom situation.  You aren´t suppose to put your toilet paper in the toilet, but in the wastebasket next to the toilet.  I just can´t bring myself to do that, especially where I live.  I don´t want to smell that!  It is bad enough here at the school, the smell, makes me want to gag.

Alright, that is my thoughts for now!

¡Hasta Luego!


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