So I've been listening to a lot of Law of Attraction stuff lately, specifically Abraham-Hicks stuff.  I mean, how new-agey can you get?  Not only talking about manifesting your desires by changing your energy vibration, but this information is being CHANNELED from a medium who is tapping into a wiser soul-entity group called Abraham.  Yeah, sounds far out, but I totally buy into that shit.

It was funny, because one of the suggestions they have I had actually thought up myself a few months earlier.  Or perhaps I channeled it, who knows?  Anyway, I'm putting it to use, and it is great.  And I want to share it with you, oh dear mysterious reader.

Meet my Manager, Mikey.  Or Malcolm.  Or Matt.  I've decided to rename him at my whim with another name starting with an M.  It's our thing.

I tend to get overwhelmed with all the little things I need to do.  But a birthday present.  Answer my e-mails.  Clean the bathtub.  Get that bill situation straightened out.  These little naggling nuggets really wear me down, and just cause me to want to escape into the vortex of my TV screen.

And that's where my Manager comes in.

I am now dictating to him all the things I need done, and am just letting him take care of it.  I've given him a team to work with, and he can delegate as needed.  And, if he needs action from me on anything, or a decision, he can come to me and let me know.  But otherwise, I'm just trusting him to take care of it.

It's been great.  The stress relief is profound.  And you know what, it is actually WORKING. 

Every now and again I'll get inspired to do something.  Like an idea for that birthday gift.  I know when I get that tapping, it's Mikey saying, yep, time for this now!  And I'll take care of it.  Great that he came up with the idea, and just put it in my head, and it's done.  I don't have to spend hours mulling over it.  Things just seem to be taking care of themselves, and the stuff I need to do, happens when I'm in a place where I'm motivated to do it.

That is the thing I've realized about this, is when that thought comes through my head to do something, I know that it means it is time to do it, so I get it taken care of then.  Because I realize that Mikey has discovered that that moment is the perfect moment to do it.  And then it is done!

Every now and again I want to pull one of those tasks back and chew on it, not actually getting anything done on it, but just stressing over it getting done.  But then I realize that it is disrespectful to Mikey.  After all, he's working so hard on it, I really shouldn't micro-manage him.

And you know what else I figured out?  He lives for this shit.  I think this is his passion, he loves helping out, whisking little tasks away from me, and finding ingenious ways to get them done.  So, who am I to deprive him of this?

I recommend to you, dear reader, to get your own Manager Mikey.  Or Mathilda.  Or Bob.  Whatever works for you.  You may find that some of the stuff that is on your mental to do list doesn't really need to get done.  But it's great, because you don't have to worry about that.  Let you Manager just handle everything, after all, he's got a team of employees to help him.

Then you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy whatever it is you are doing.  And live in the present moment.

John's Sacred Mouth
11/19/2010 18:49

Love this. I just commanded Quincy to help me wash the dishes. We'll see how it goes.

11/19/2010 23:02

I do find that the more demanding you are, the more successful it feels. I'd say the more successful it is, but time will tell on that one.

I see Quincy now in bright yellow rubber gloves with sponge in hand, scrubbing away...

Now to get my manager to take out my stinky trash...

11/21/2010 13:36

11/21/2010 13:39

Well of COURSE you would write this now, just as I'm reading this fantastic LoA book and starting to pay a LOT of attention to the interconnected details in my life...

I could totally use this, particularly to handle the many little things I procrastinate about until they all (disastrously) pile up. Time to start auditioning my mental personal assistant!


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