(Part 2 of my trip to Peru, told through my e-mails)
¡Mas noticìas!

I arrived in Cusco on Tuesday morning, at 7:30.
Flying over the Andes was soooo beautiful, you cannot
imagine.  And the town is cradled in a beautiful
valley.  The two women (Sonja & Roxana) who came to
collect me at the airport ushered me over to a car,
and it was certainly different then first class!  It
was old and beat up, and had no seatbelts, but that
seems to be the way here.  I think that most people
don´t have cars, which is no big deal, since a taxi is
only 2 soles anywhere in the city, which equals about
60 american cents.

Yeah, I thought they would speak to me in english, but
no!  Always in Spanish, and I was actually surprised,
that I was able to talk with them fine, and understand
them pretty well.  They took me back to Sonja´s house,
where I would be staying.  I thought I would be in an
apartment by myself, but that turns out not to be the
case.  I do have my own apartment in her house, kind
of.  It is on the very top level of her house, and it
is the only thing on that floor.  I have my own
bedroom, a small kitchenette (no stove or refigerator)
and my own bathroom and shower.  And the view is
magnificent, looking out over all the city.  ¡Que

But, even though I have my own space, the family
serves me all my meals, so food is included (which is
good for my wallet).  At the family there is two
women, probably in their early 40s, and their mother,
and a young women who lives there and does the
cleaning and such.  Occassionally, Sonja´s husband or
brother or children are there, but most of the time,
it is just me and my two older "sisters" and my

Tuesday I just slept all day long.  Every now and
again, they would bring up some food, or pop their
heads in to say hello, but mostly just sleep.

That first night was horrible, I was so unhappy.  My
stomache was uneasy, and I didn´t know if I wanted to
be there.  Cusco, and Peru, is very poor.  All the
houses are made of adobe brick, and many are falling
apart, and it just is a whole different world.  There
is a lot of pollution, and the cars drive like crazy.
And of course, everything is in Spanish.

I tried to calm down, and go to sleep for the evening.
Eventually, I succeded.  But boy, was I ready to come

more later!


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