(After one e-mail, Liz Hallstrom, an old coworker and friend of mine, wrote me an e-mail, here is her e-mail & my response)

-- Liz Hallstrom wrote:
Who fills your classes?  what nationality are they?  how old?  do you feel like a tourist?  are your housemates warm and friendly with you?  who does the cooking?  do they have chicken and beef?  what is the weather like? lots of ?'s. does anyone in your village want to come here?  what is the population?  good for you and your speaking ability.  Very interesting, keep up the notes.

-- My response:
Oh Liz, everywhere I go with my white skin, yes I do feel like a tourist.  Especially in the area where I live, there aren´t any other gringas, and everyone looks at me.  I just smile, and keep going.  I understand, it is odd to see someone so different in that area.  It is hard to imagine in the US, because we have people of all different types, but I remember in Ireland, to see a black person was amazing.  And compared to Peru, Ireland has many black people!  In my week here, I have only seen two, and they were on tours.  If I feel strange being white, I can only imagine how they feel!

Ah, my school.  Well, there is a girl from Canada, Quebec, who I get along with quite well.  There is a guy from Japan who is learning spanish, but doesn´t even know english, whoah!  and a woman from Australia, a guy from London, who uses quite foul language, and a girl from Germany.  Oh, and there is a guy from Arizona, who is actually going to move to Portland later this year!  Actually, the school is quite small, and I only have my class with the girl from Germany.  I guess we are sorted into levels, and I think her and I are at a pretty high level.  Most are pretty young, in their 20s, but the Australian women is probably in her 50s. 

The cooking is done by the family, I don´t know who exactly, but they always bring me out my food.  the food isn´t too impressive.  Pretty bland.  Yeah, they have chicken and fish and beef, and potatoes, and
bread (though the bread is a bit different than ours, it tastes pretty much the same), carrots, beets, rice, and corn.  The corn is pretty huge.  One piece is equal to about 3 of our pieces of corn.  But in the
center of town, where all the tourists are, there are tons of different types of resteraunts- Italian, Chinese, Irish pubs, just about everything.  and, you get a free pisco sour!!  Can´t beat that!  People
stand outside the doors with menus to try to entice you to come in.  Always, people are coming up to you to get you to buy things.  Its crazy. 

Oh, Cusco is actually a city, it has about 300,000 people here.  Yeah, lots of people want to come to the US, especially Miami, because I guess a lot of Peruvians go there.  I think in Miami, judging from my
experience in the airport, spanish is the first language spoken, and after is english.  Woah.

That´s it for now!


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