Linda wrote me:

> Great story. Sounds like you are having fun and
> embracing the culture. What 
> do the people in the night clubs like to drink and
> how is the food there? Pat 
> asked me what you were doing there for work...and
> quite frankly I couldn't 
> remember if you were visiting only or doing
> volunteer work or just what. Wonder 
> why the one guy stood you up??!! Sounds like there
> are plenty of guys 
> nevertheless. They probably love you as you are
> pretty, smart and a ball of fun. Keep 
> the stories coming. I love to hear them. 

> xoxoxox
> Susan

My response:

Oh, no, I am here for studies.  That is how it was possible to pay for everything!  I'm doing two independent courses, one on the Incas, and the other on Liberation Theology (which is basically about reforming the Catholic church so that they focus on helping the poor, which is badly needed here).  Basically, it just means I have to haul a bunch of
books around with me to read, and when I get back, I have two huge papers to write.

Ah, food and drink!  Well, the cool thing about the drinks, is just about everywhere you get a free pisco sour, in order to lure you in to the resteraunt or the clubs.  Other drinks include Cuba Libre, which is either Coke and Pisco, or Coke and Rum, I can't remember, and there is also a local beer here, Cusquena, which the blond version tastes kinda like Budweiser, and the dark version tastes like Worcestshire sauce.  I like the Pisco sours, and try to stick to them.

The food is okay, although often weird.  One time I ordered a chicken burger, and it was two pieces of the local bread, the chicken, and french fries and cucumbers.  The french fries and cucumbers where a
part of the hamburger. I've never quite experienced french fries IN the burger.  Hm.  Frequently when I order something, I'm never quite sure what I'll end up with.  They could probably use a bit more oil and fat
in the food, but apparently to deal with the altitude, low fat diets are better.  Well, when I go to the jungle, THAT will certainly be an experience, because they eat fish, rice, and plaintain for breakfast,
lunch, and dinner.  Apparently, it is pretty easy to lose a shitload of weight (and I am looking forward to that, if not the food) ;)

I am ready to come home, though.  I miss my chocolate and coffee!!!  And everything else, for that matter.  I have never appreciated the US so much in my life!!!


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