I've been talking a lot with people about my latest obsession, becoming a Foreign Service Officer, and all the perks and excitement that go along with it.  One friend, in particular got quite excited.

"You will have Diplomatic Immunity!  You can kill people, and not get in trouble!"

Which leads me to wonder if my friend somehow fantasizes about how he can get away with murder.  Which then reminds me of how a few of us had dreams of him being a serial murder when he first started dating my other friend.  And the reported "Kill Women" that he muttered in his sleep.

This is a bit concerning.

But then, on the same note, he got just as excited that I would be able to park anywhere I damn well pleased, and that from then on, I would be the designated driver.  Which, of course, does not seem like quite a deal to me.

Perhaps I need to refer my friend to go live in Israel.  From the latest foreign service officer blog I am reading, Life After Jerusalem, people basically do whatever they want when it comes to driving.  Including stopping in the middle of a fast lane to have sex.  Which I think my friend would prefer much much more over killing some poor person.

I do have to admit, I had never heard of this diplomatic immunity stuff.  I guess I don't watch enough 1940's spy movies.  Personally, I'd rather save lives than take them.  And I would also prefer to bus (yes, even the crowded, stinky, isn't this really a van, bus) than park anywhere, legal or not. 

Although, I do like the idea of just randomly shouting out "Diplomatic immunity!!!"  Hm.  I'll have to give that a thought.

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