Finally, I made my way to Lima.  After being picked up and transported to a lovely hotel, I rested in my room, watched TV, and tried to recover myself from the whole Gerald experience.  Eventually, I made my way downstairs to have a bite to eat at the hotel restaurant.  I asked the bartender/waiter for a menu, and noticed how very attractive he was.  I then reminded myself that I had had enough  problems with men, and didn't need anymore.  Nevertheless, I couldn't help but smile at him as he passed.  By the end of my dinner, we had quite a conversation, and agreed to meet up when he was finished with his shift.

I was a bit wary, but Eduardo turned out to be more respectful than Gerald.  However, I doubt it took an hour before he was asking me to be his girlfriend.

What is this, don't Peruvians believe in getting to know a person??  He's a nice guy, but I don't need a boyfriend in another country, though he said he would wait for me as long as it took.

Ai ai ai.  I gave him a hug and kiss goodnight, and told him I would e-mail him from Iquitos.

Well, hey, if anyone needs a husband or boyfriend, they are ripe for the picking here!


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