After 3 hours at Macchu Pichu, I made my way out, andopened up my bag lunch which I had bought from my hotel.  There was a large area with plastic tables and tons of tourists.  I peeked my head down a stone
staircase nearby, and saw, tucked away, a little stone enclosure buried a little bit in the forest, with a thatch roof, and sat down to my meal.  (which included and egg sandwich- not what you think.  A fried egg in
between two pieces of bread).

After that, I was too tired to make my way back into the ruins to explore around again, and new it wouldn't be the same as that morning, anyway.  I thought it would be nice to take the hike back down the mountain, which was only supposed to be about 25 minutes, and downhill, so not so bad. 

Uh huh.

Imagine climbing down 5 miles of stairs.  That's right, all stairs.  And by this time the sun was in all her glory, though there was also plenty of forest. I couldn't believe it.  My legs were quivering, and once I finally reached the bottom (after over an hour of climbing down stairs, which, by the way, the locals RUN down), I was sooo relieved, and thought the town would be right there.  Nope, wrong again.  After another 15 minutes of walking, I finally made my way back to my room, ready for a shower to clean off the amount of sweat that I was soaked through with.

Yeah, that would mean I would need water, right?  Yep, once again, no water.  Only hot, and I mean hot hot hot, and I tried, but knew I would burn myself.  So, down to the desk.  As it turned out, my room was the
only room without hot water.  One of the guys who wasworking on the construction of more rooms, came to help.  I told him it was my luck, and he asked, like in love and business too?  With all the smiles and was
that he had been giving me, I thought maybe it was better that I leave the "love" part alone, and just answered, more or less.

Well, it was my luck, but good luck as it turned out, because I had to move to a different room.  And this room, right next door, was the one that the two Irish/Swedes had stayed in (oh, yeah, and interesting note, the next day, only the queen bed had been slept in, and not the twin bed, did the mother and son sleep in the same bed, even though they had another?? odd).  And this one has two walls of windows, which look out over the plaza, with greenery hanging down, absolutely beautiful.  I awoke this morning, with the rain beating down, looking out over the lush mountainside.  mmmm.

Okay, so after my shower and a bit of a nap, I made my way back to my restaurant with Edita.  I kind of wanted to eat at a restaurant with other people, and the night before, I was the only one there.  But, I
felt for Edita, and liked her company.  Well, I didn't have anything to worry about, the restaurant was packed!!  There was a band playing traditional music, and I had met one of the musicians the day before at
the restaurant.  He was so handsome, when I was talking to him in Spanish, I couldn't put my words together.  The music was nice, and Edita was kept busy running around.  She even had to run to another
restaurant for the pizzas, because they were out of bread. 

Once the band was finished, the restaurant emptied out a bit more, and the cute guy in the band, Amaru, came and sat down next to me to chat.  After asking if I had any babies, he asked if I wanted to go out dancing that night.  si!  He gave me two kisses on the cheek, and promised he'd meet me at the dance club at 12.

I was exhausted, and tried to rest a bit before going to the club.  I really wanted to sleep, but I wanted to have a good time too.  I went into the club, being the only gringa in there, and looked around, and stood
and waited.  And waited, and waited.  Another guy began to chat with me, asking if I wanted to dance, and if I wanted to go out the next night, and that my friend wasn't coming, so why don't we leave.  Ai ai
ai!  Well, after 25 minutes, I gave up, and took off, to crash in my room.  I was a bit disappointed, but then, also relieved the be able to go to sleep.

Well, I certainly wasn't popular with the guys in Cusco, but don't seem to have problems here!  One of the construction guys working on the gazebo in the plaza de armas shouted out "I love you" in English, maybe he was just practicing his English.  I could only respond with, that's nice.

And now, I'm off.  While I was typing, a guy came up to me, and asked if I spoke Spanish, and asked me to be in a commercial in the Plaza de Armas at 12 for tourism.  He said I had a nice smile.  ;)

Okidoki!  Y'all be good!


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