(My first e-mail to friends & family while I was traveling to Peru)

It has been a while since I´ve been able to sit down
at the internet, to give you guys my update, and I
have much sooo much to say.  I might have to break
this down into chunks!

Ugh, what a day.  I woke up at 5:30 in the morning,
for my entire day of flying.  It was a very very long
day, and I didn´t get to sleep very much at all, so I
was pretty much dead by the time I arrived in Cusco at
7:30 in the morning on Tuesday.

Of course, I loved flying first class, especially how
you don´t have to wait in lines (including the long
line through security), and they bring you drinks
before the plane even lifts off.  I did think it was
interesting how everyone on first class were
middle-aged white men, until the flight to Peru, where
there was a better mix of people, and then on the
flight to Cusco, first class was pretty much empty.

Miami was a trip.  I felt like I was already in Peru!
I got off the plane (at about 9:30 at night) and
everywhere everyone was speaking spanish.  Then, to
find my gate for the flight to Peru, I had to walk
about a half hour, it was kinda creepy, because it was
these narrow hallways, and they were empty.  And, on
top of that, they weren´t listing the gate for the
flight to Peru.  Once I was just about there, two
women stopped me, and started speaking to me in
spanish, one worked at the airport, the other was an
older hispanic lady, and they wanted to know where the
gate for the flight to Peru was.  I was very tired,
but in my broken spanish, was able to help her out.
And by the time I got to the gate, boy, did I feel
white!  I certainly stood out.  Later, a few other
gringos showed up, and I thought it was interesting
that they tended to search each other out.  An older
german couple often stuck quite close to me.

And then I arrived in Lima, oh boy, at 4:30 in the
morning.  And at that point, of course, it was spanish
from then on out!  I was sooooooo greatful for the
amount of Spanish that I had before I left.  I was
able to ask where my flight was, and freak out about
where my bags where, and everything.  But boy, was I

It was interesting, in Lima, I heard "the flight for
Cusco is departing"(in english), and started freaking
out, because I still had to go through the long line
to pay the airport tax, and then get in the long line
to go through security.  But when I finally got there,
I was one of the last people.  I think "the plane for
Cusco is departing" means that it is boarding.  Then
we all got on a bus, that took us out to a plane, and
we climbed some stairs up to the airplane.  Boy, was
it humid, even at 5 in the morning!

Finally, I arrived in Cusco, and made my way to the
baggage claim, and past all the guys asking if I
wanted a taxi, to find the two women holding a sign
saying "Jillian Harrintong".  I pointed and smiled,
and dragged my way though the barrier over to them...

Okay, that brings me to Tuesday!  More later!



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